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Whether times are Good or Bad, Happy or Sad, every occasion needs a tissue.

A Good Health Company, Inc. is home to Gesundheit! facial tissue. The word Gesundheit! 

resonates well with the entire world, honestly. Our main objective  

starts with children, catching those sneezes, keeping those noses and eyes dry and clean.

Being based in Miami, Fl. and having another division in Rochester, NY, we have to offer a product strong enough to get the job done in all regions and climates of the world. Sun Loving, Fun Loving, in Miami and for all those other climates not so friendly in other parts of the world. Yes, Gesundheit! is ready.

For every tissue we produce there is company pride behind it, simply because we want to

be your tissue a matter of fact, the tissue company for you and your entire family, starting with the children. We have a genuine concern for our consumers everywhere, for their health, well-being and happiness, winter, spring, summer and fall.


Whenever you cough, sneeze or have a runny nose, even though we are not there, we are 

saying to you...."GESUNDHEIT!" .....wishing you all good health!

                   Remember, a good tissue helps you keep it together!

Prepare For The Good Health Experience!

Keep It Together!

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